Kenzie Finn's Project31 Dance Studio

Project31 Dance Studio is a safe, inviting space for dancers of all ages and abilities levels offering creative, recreational programming as well as a leveled pre-professional program. Owner & Director, Kenzie Finn is known for careful attention to detail, contagious enthusiasm, and efficient method of technical training. Miss Finn believes anyone can learn to dance with the right teacher. Our Recreational classes are designed to be energetic, engaging, and uplifting, introducing dancers to the heart of dance as well as inspiring self-expression and confidence. The pre-professional program is designed to build strong, athletic, artistic dancers who have a strong work ethic, commitment, and enthusiasm for all they do inside and outside the dance studio. 


Health & Safety take priority at Project31 Dance Studio. Classes for this season will be limited to a maximum of eleven dancers total. Parents and are asked to drop dancers off at the door to minimize the number of people in the dance space. The studio is equipped with a state of the art air purifier capable of changing over the air in the space multiple times each hour. The studio is equipped with high-speed internet, microphones, and monitors in order to offer dancers the opportunity to participate in classes virtually. Project31 classes are available in-person as well as remotely. Dancers enrolling in in-person lessons also have the option to participate remotely whenever the need arises. Dancers enrolling in the remote-only option will only be granted remote access to the class.

PROJECT31 Professional Dance Company

Project31 Dance Studio also houses a professional dance company giving our students a unique opportunity to interact with professional working dancers and peek behind the scenes of how a dance production is made from start to finish. Project31 is a Boston-based, visceral contemporary dance company and arts organization founded in the summer of 2017 by Artistic Director Kenzie Finn. Project31 is an experiment of movement: freeform, fluid, and for all eyes; dance that hits you in the gut whether you're a dancer or an observer. Exploring the boundaries between contemporary and American Jazz dance, Project 31's mission is to use dance as a vehicle to inspire thought, invention, and introspection in the viewer. The dancers of Project31 blend their classical backgrounds into fierce, soulful performances bridging the gap between artist and audience member. The organization is comprised of a fifteen-member professional company and an Apprentice Training Program (ATP) for aspiring pre-professional dancers.

Project31 Dance Studio is also home to PROJECT31, a professional contemporary dance company.

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